Where can I pin this pin?

Anywhere you want 😊 If you’ve bought it, it’s your pin now!

And, how do I put it?

It’s a badge pin with a butterfly clutch or a safety pin back (depending on its size). To open just hold the wings on clutch back and press them together to release the nail. Pin up on your garment, jacket, bra, shoes, wherever you want.

What is it made of and what is its size?

It is made of a fine quality birch wood and hand painted by artists & designers. We are a team of 30 creative people who love creating things that brighten up your day.

Also, each pin has a brass butterfly clutch or safety pin material at the back. All pins vary in size. Size ranges from 0.75 inches to 1.5 inches.

I ordered a pin from your site and it's not the same as shown on your website? What the fffff....
Chill maadi! All our pins are hand painted one at a time. It is therefore very rare to create the same colours as shown on screen. Every piece is an original creation of our artists & designers. 

Are there any precautions required?

These pins have feelings! So take care of them like you would take care of something precious. It can get hurt if you drive over it or break it only check if it's breakable.

Oh, and please be careful while tucking them as the nail is pointy.

How long does it last?

If not damaged or crushed, then it can last for an eternity.

Are they safe?

They are very much safe. Please keep them away from children under 10 years old or they must use under supervision.

Where do these awesome designs come from?

Say it with a pin has been started by a creative agency called 2626 Creative Studio. So, everyone here is a wacko designer looking to voice their state of mind in different manners. The team of professional creative folks design and hand paint each pin for you.

Can you make a custom pin for me?
Sure we can. You can write to us at sayitwithapin@2626.today or ping us on Instagram & Facebook. We will try our best to do it for you. Pricing for customized pins will depend on the type of designs.

What's The Pin Collective?
TPC is how we call it. We are building a collective where artists & designers can put up pins and get a generous cut from each sale.

Shipping and Delivery

How much is shipping?

Next day delivery = Rs. 200
Two-day delivery = Rs. 100
Standard delivery = Rs. 80

Next day delivery = Rs. 400
Two-day delivery = Rs. 280
Standard delivery = Rs. 80

International - Please ping us to enquire the prices.

The delivery mentioned above is for working days only that is Monday to Friday.

I placed an order when will I get it?

Each pin is hand painted and hand packed by us. We can ship domestic orders within 2 business days, which will arrive in another 3-4 business days. For international orders, we will need at least 7 business days.

I haven’t received my order yet. What’s going on?

Keep calm & write to us at sayitwithapin@2626.today or ping us on our Facebook or Instagram.

We will do everything we can to ensure speedy & secure shipment.

Can I return the pins if I don’t like them or don’t wanna use anymore?

Sorry, returns are not accepted. We are a design studio that operates independently and we love creating these pins that will spread the right vibe. So, we would like to believe you will buy it only if you like it 😊 #withnoregrets

Can I share your designs on social media?

Of course, the idea of creating these pins is to start some awkward conversations that people ignore or don’t care about. We want you to use these pins as an expression of your state of mind. Will be great if you can tag @sayitwithapin on every repost.

What if I want to buy a bunch of pins?

You can purchase up to 25 pins from the website. For anything more, please mails us at sayitwithapin@2626.today.

I own a store/running a festival and I would love to have SIWAP pins on sale there.

Awesome! We love pop-ups. Tell us more about your shop/fest at sayitwithapin@2626.today and let’s talk.